Ask, seek and knock

Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Last year my car “gave up the ghost” so to speak,  well almost. My car was an older model, and with older cars there are always repairs. Tired of spending money to have it fixed, I told my husband that we are no longer putting in the shop, but  it was time to get a new car.

To be honest, I am growing weary of not having my own transportation. I have been using my husbands truck to do my errands, but  I prefer a smaller car to get around.  It hasn’t been  all that bad since I do work out of the home.

Last night in reading the above scripture, I had to pause. We have been car shopping for a new vehicle, and we finally picked one out. Now all we need is the money to purchase it.


As I read the verse, the words ask, seek and  knock  stood out to me.

We have asked the Lord for a new car, we have shopped at our local  car dealers  finding the vehicle that is  just right.  Last night in my Bible reading and prayer time, I found myself knocking on the door  telling the Lord that we are ready to have our new car.

Will it work? Is this a right principle?

So many times we want something out of life  but  have no plan or direction on HOW to get there.

I grew up not being encouraged to dream or to aspire to much.  It was not until the Lord changed my mindset that I now aspire and desire for better things in life and from myself.

I have discovered that with a new mindset, many things have changed. I no longer settle for less, but desire to be the best  and improve at what I do.   No longer do I expect the crumbs from the table. If so, then it’s time to knock on the door.

May you be richly blessed this day!

Note:  I have been in an intensive ministry training course which is why I did not post last month.  I’m still in the course, but am taking a small break.


10 thoughts on “Ask, seek and knock

  1. Suzanne Tanner

    Hello Yvette,

    Especially now that we are totally relying on the Lord for our provision our focus has been directed to Him and not to somebody. It has been a long ongoing process and what He has started in us He will complete indeed. Not always easy, but the right way to live as a child of God.

    Thanks for reminding me not to settle for the crumbs, but as a child of God we are worthy, not only for our own well-being but for others to see too that God owns it all and is generous with His children.

    May God continue to bless all that you do for Him so that He may be glorified through your life.
    Much love, Suzanne.

  2. desiray

    AMEN Yvette it’s the new mindset that ONLY JESUS Himself gives us..,.I am so happy for you. that you are asking, seeking and knocking.

  3. Barbara Watson

    Thank you for taking the time to post this month. I look for your post each month.
    I am always blessed by them. Keep going with your studies. Allow the Holy Spirit to
    lead and you will do well. When you finish, you will be glad you did. Oh, the car is yours.
    Go and get it!!!

    Much Blessings,

    1. Yvette Post author

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words Barbara. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.

    2. Yvette Post author

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words Barbara. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.

  4. chivonmorris

    Reblogged this on chivonmorris and commented:
    I read this and felt inspired to share it with you. Matthew 7:7 has always been near and dear to my heart, as I have been a long time daydreamer in pursuit of God’s will for my life. I’ve asked Him for many things. Love. Children. My father. Money. Success. Wisdom. And I’ve sought His answers. Some yes’s. Some no’s. Some not right now’s. But knocking on His door? You mean, actually approach the Creator?
    Maybe like some of you, I often find myself asking, “Who am I that I should come and knock on His door?” To knock on His door would entail being in His presence and given He’s infinite–I’ve often felt unworthy, unable to grasp Him wholly and thus I withdraw from knocking. From taking up His time. But I think that’s the beauty of God. When we are too afraid to knock on His door, He knocks on our hearts. And when we ask, “Lord, who am I that you should come and knock at my heart’s door?” He merely opens His arms to receive you and calls you, “Daughter!”
    What about you? Have you ever asked, sought after but perhaps been too afraid to knock?

    1. Yvette Post author

      Amen! Any father delights in giving good gifts to his children, how much more our Father in heaven.
      Blessings and thank you for re-posting.

  5. lorilaws

    Hi Yvette, all I can say is EXPECT!! This scripture also comes to mind…

    “Go your way, and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” Mark 8: 13

    Keep us posted! God bless 🙂


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